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The Boxweiler has long legs and is in proportion to its size with a deep chest. A temperate weather suits them best. It is alert and cautious around strangers, but friendly and goofy with family and friends. Brush about once a week with a bristle brush to decrease shedding, bathe only when necessary over bathing can cause the skin of any dog to become dry and scratchy. The size and temperament of this hybrid does not make an ideal choice for very small children. While all puppies have lots of energy, a full grown boxweiler is not a hyper dog and does not like to wander far from its family or home. They are average shedder and they need moderate grooming and a weekly brush. It is an intelligent dog and needs an owner who can be the leader of the pack. The boxweiler has a short, double coat which keeps them warm and is easy to maintain.


Boxweiler Activity Requirements The Boxweiler is a high energy hybrid, which are characteristics of both parent breeds. Some things that have been proven to show up in Boxweilers are: However, with early and proper socialization, the Boxweiler can adapt to living with other pets, including cats. Unfortunately, search results are rarely very consistent when finding out what a boxweiler actually is supposed to look like. Boxweilers can live about years in a happy, healthy environment. A good daily walk and a good game of throwing ball will keep a boxweiler looking lean and trim. The Rottweiler has a reputation for aggression, which may manifest in the Boxweiler without proper socialization. While the gender of the parents may not seem to make a big deal, it can affect size and shape of the dog much in the way that a liger is different from a tigon both the result of a lion and tiger, but size and fur pattern vary depending on which parent was which. The head is large and square with a long snout and will have some wrinkling due to having thick skin. Roman Mastiffs mated with native dogs and became the foundation for the Rottweiler in Germany. The color is preferably fawn or brindle like a boxer's. This is a large dog, weighing between 60 and 80 pounds with a strong, muscular build, and this hybrid can reach as much as pounds. Also a trait of all large breed dogs, DO NOT overfeed a boxweiler puppy or give it any form of human food during development, as this can result in premature rapid growth that makes bones brittle and easily broken. It is alert and cautious around strangers, but friendly and goofy with family and friends. The colors are more Boxer-like fawn or brindle but also any combination of black, white and brown. The boxweiler is a calm, alert, powerful, brave, and loving dog that is easily trained because of its high drive to please its family. Proper socialization with children and pets like cats early on is recommended as with all dogs. They cannot be outside dogs as they are very sensitive to heat and need proper family socialization. Boxweiler Breed Appearance The Boxweiler is a hybrid between the Boxer and the Rottweiler and can look like either parent breed depending on the dominant appearance. The boxweiler has a short, double coat which keeps them warm and is easy to maintain. However, because of its intelligence, it requires an owner who is consistent and fair in training in other words, something can't be okay to do one time and wrong to do the next, and vice versa. While alert and cautious with strangers and will not let anyone inside the home without the owner's permission, the boxweiler is clownish, goofy, and fun loving with family and is often known for being excellent with children. Both Boxer and Rottweiler are very popular breeds so finding a mixed breed dog between them should be easy. Behavior wise, this is a loyal, dynamic cheerful play-mate. She was from a "surprise litter" when a boxer breeder's pet rottie made friends with her female boxer.


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The Rottweiler is of the Roman Mastiff line of dogs that accompanied Romans as they moved north in conquest.

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