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The timing Perhaps it was just coincidence - but the Carters don't traffic in coincidence. I put it down for the , and I still got love for the streets. How can Kendrick shop with like 64 Ms? Though they have collaborated for at least 15 years, this marks their first joint album, which they dropped under the name the Carters. You look so comfortable in my skin, skin, skin What about that ching-ching-ching? It's a fierce love letter to success, to family, to blackness - but, most of all, to each other.

Beyonce sunshine lyrics

Come by the house," West said. These paintings mostly feature white people, though the camera finds and zooms in on the few black and brown faces it can find. Tell me, what you're gon' do about that? Rather than battle the tabloids, the spouses used the gossip to fuel two critically beloved, commercially successful records: We really take in that music from all those different people. Build a circle of extraordinary people and let their hustle motivate you. His album, The Epic, ran three hours, and now the frequent Kendrick Lamar collaborator delivers again with EP Harmony of Difference, featuring six earthy, excellent tracks. Here are 8 Beyonce lyrics, past and present, I think are worth living by. You look so comfortable in my skin, skin, skin Here's a list of some of those people who may -- or may not -- be catching heat on the Carter album. It seemed for a while that Kanye and the couple had a falling out, though it's unclear why. Four Tet, New Energy The brilliant IDM producer continues to push limits on his latest gem, an hour-long collection of intricate electronic tunes. You rock hard, I rock steady. Still, dipping in my lo-los, girl. It finds the couple lounging, wandering and finally partying throughout the Louvre in Paris, alone save for a group of dancers in nude bodysuits. I can't help but love the way we make love And in the song "LoveHappy," there are these lines: A juxtaposition between art and reality. Nothing will hurt them more than having to watch you win with a smile on your face. Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper Formation - Lemonade Unless your haters are cutting your cheques, pay them no mind. The joint album dropped the same weekend as the eagerly awaited Nas project, "Nasir. I give you my word, you can believe it Eventually, the video cuts between the paintings, the Carters and images of people of color in the real world - a couple making out on their bed, teenagers kneeling in the same way the NFL will not allow its players during the national anthem. Don't you know that I give you your loving if you need it?

Beyonce sunshine lyrics

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Ooh, my shit's so good, it ain't even right The best way to get back at the people who only have bad things to say about you is to live a life that proves them wrong.

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