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Personified wealthy, conservative, social-climbing Beverly Hills socialites who appeared occasionally through the series entire run. I practice yoga and Pilate's, love animals - dogs are my favorite. Can you see a picture of my face? Carly Reynolds[ edit ] Hilary Swank portrays Carly Reynolds main, season 8 , was a waitress and single mom who had some unfriendly first meetings with Steve Sanders getting angry when he tried to help her son from getting pushed around at a soccer game, and later insulting his bimbo date and getting fired in the process. Jesse turned down a prestigious legal clerkship in Boise because Andrea didn't want to move there, and later arranged for them to head to New Haven, CT so they could both study at Yale. Dylan's father, Jack McKay Josh Taylor had a brief run after being released from prison, but was then apparently killed, only to later reappear after secretly being enrolled in the Witness Protection Program. During Season 2, Scott develops an odd fascination with guns and country music after spending the summer in between Seasons 1 and 2 visiting his grandparents in Oklahoma.

Beverly hills dating site

She became the temporary caretaker for younger sister Erin and a guidance counselor at her alma mater, West Beverly Hills High School. Sharing her disdain for the perfect coupling is Pierce, an effeminate and narcissistic boy who presents himself as a "ladies' man", but resents Troy's relationship with Larke. She had difficulty choosing between Brandon and Dylan. Having a wonderful time and wish to extend our engagement She spent time at a mental hospital after threatening to torch herself, along with a parade float, and writing threatening letters to West Beverly and leaving obscene phone messages on the Walshes' answering machine. Nikki later became friends with the group, due to being partnered with Donna for the Senior Buddy project. She ignored Steve's entreaties until they began sleeping together and then turned the Beat into a tabloid, and by later in Season 9 they started seriously dating, even though Janet's conservative Japanese parents cut her off for being with a non-Japanese man. The matter is resolved when Dylan buys the Peach Pit, becoming Nat's business partner. Providing much of the series' conflict is raven-haired beauty, Bianca, who views Larke as her primary rival for everything from the lead in the high school play, to the title of Homecoming Queen, and, most importantly, Troy's affections. Celeste then breaks up with John and reunites with Steve. She attempted suicide, and she later would come to David's aid when he is hospitalized. Camille Desmond[ edit ] Josie Davis plays Camille Desmond recurring, season 10 , David's final girlfriend before he realized his true feelings for Donna in Season The two eventually reconcile. Kelly sometimes found her to be overbearing. If I don't hear from you within 15 minutes of our scheduled time, I will assume that you have canceled. Lucinda Nicholson[ edit ] Dina Meyer plays Lucinda Nicholson recurring, season 4 , who was a sexually aggressive and married university anthropology professor who became romantically involved with Brandon Walsh—a student at her school. June Learn how and when to remove this template message In January , the wire services reported that Access Syndication, which was partnered with DIC Enterprises and Coca-Cola Telecommunications , had three new animated children's series in development for the fall of that year. After high school, she was in an abusive relationship with Ray Pruit, who was mean and manipulative, almost from the start. His father later committed suicide in the next episode, unable to bear the thought of living in poverty or going to prison for income tax evasion. I am a woman who is very comfortable in her own skin. Celeste, Brenda and Donna then assist Steve in humiliating John. Unfortunately, Dylan's substance abuse problem returned with him, and it would take an injury to Donna caused by himself to get him to kick his habit again. She was accidentally killed by a hitman who was hired by her father to kill Dylan the day after their wedding. He has cheated on Donna more than once and she lost her virginity to him in the season 7 finale, where the gang graduates from university. In an interview given shortly after her Best Actress Oscar win for Boys Don't Cry , Swank revealed that she had been fired from the show because the producers didn't think that Carly was connecting with the show's audience. In season 5, he votes for Brandon as student body president and helps Donna Martin over her decision to become a debutante. Eventually, certain brash actions on her part met with disapproval from Brandon, who calmly ended the relationship.

Beverly hills dating site

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Brandon's sociology professor asks Brandon to tutor him so he can make grades and play basketball. In Season 6, Andrea tells her friends that Jesse is about to make partner at his new law firm, but by Season 8 she has a furious fight with him over the phone and later reveals Jesse and she are getting divorced.

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