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I said as far as I was concerned the matter was over. I called Bennetts Insurance to change my bike details as I picked up a new one from the garage. I sent a letter of complaint to Bennetts very strongly worded! Despite calling Bennetts two times on the phone and emailing them twice that I do not want their insurance to renew for another year and being assured on the phone that they will not renew the insurance, by the way, I never got a reply to my emails! Is this the way the company makes their money by taking advantage of young drivers and by not communicating with them. Jonathon, September Badly treated by Bennetts I was with Carol Nash for 12 years on my motorbike insurance when my policy was up for renewal this July. I rang up just before going away for the week to cancel my policy and was told that there may be a charge for cancelling. I also asked the representatives that I spoke to how they felt about this morally, one spoke out and said I know how it is, I understand how annoyed you must be, his line manager, just stayed silent..


I would be paying monthly for the policy and expected a reasonable increase. I too have encountered some probs with Bennetts recently. I tried to explain the situation and told them to speak with Bennetts. I got the renewal notice for my bike insurance and paid by credit card. No contact from Bennetts or 4TH. Anyway,I pay my policy by direct debit and my policy had been renewed in Dec They claimed they could not as it had been handed to them now and they were nothing to do with Bennetts. Well i saw my backside, i felt it was totally unacceptable mainly loosing my bike for a month and a bill well in excess for what it should be. The woman I spoke to did not sound apologetic at all, but sounded she was doing me a favour by cancelling my renewal. Philip, June We hope that you would consider Bennetts again, er No! This should be banned from every single contract. When I called them they were most insistent that I gave them all the information, not sure why, they were no fault accidents settled in full by the 3rd party insurer. So I contacted them again and explained I had cancelled the auto-renewal, and they said no, the auto-renewal had successfully occurred! Let's just say a few expletives came out. I rang up just before going away for the week to cancel my policy and was told that there may be a charge for cancelling. You try and give less then 6 on , 9 being high. I thought this was crazy so I said I wouldn't be paying to cancel something I didn't want and phoned up to say I didn't want. Please, for the love of god, give these piss takers the royal order of the boot. So I have to pay for a whole years premium even though I: When I phoned up Bennetts to cancel, they kept asking me questions like do you keep the bike garaged over night? I have made no Bennetts are a real low life basterds. A made bike can't pass the 58 plate check, really! I contacted them took details of their admin person for my records first name and extension number and confirmed to them that it was not to be automatically renewed and I will use the renewal documents to get cover elsewhere. My bike got written-off by a woman driving into it whilst it was parked, believe it or not. I had bike insurance with Bennetts for a year, never needed to use it and as it had been easy and cheap to insure I renewed.


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31.07.2018 at 10:12 pm

Have you any bike insurance companies you can recommend, I had thought I found one with Bennetts! Now I understand why she was asking as they had no intention of cancelling but were going to renew and charge me on the sly!

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