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He takes a stack of paper and tosses it on the podium. These components are dangerous as hell. Less educated people have fewer choices and because of this, fewer resources. Old cars rusted in yards, and unpainted outbuildings and wheelchair ramps had been thrown together with the cheapest grade lumbers. Strip mines liquidate acres and acres of forest and dale. Over time I, too, have come to see the South as an outsider.

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Quietly, Republic began to add to its land holdings, until the tract of acres had expanded to 2, Nine of the 30 days were already up. Local folks got word of the plan and set off a chain reaction that altered the arc of this narrative forever. Jesup has caught Republic off guard. They have inherited a mammoth problem. Republic says it has been in contact and that the DNR will readily grant their permission if the Corps signs off. These are the guys Republic sends to do the greasing. The principal reason is because rural places are hemorrhaging smart people. Less educated people have fewer choices and because of this, fewer resources. The Lions Club and the Garden Club are aging out, nobody signing up for civic duty. Mountaintop removal vaporizes up to 1, vertical feet of mountains, according to Earthjustice. But what corporations like Republic do not bargain for is a powerful paradox about the rural South, one especially true for Jesup, Georgia. We are suffering out here in rural America. The afternoon I poked around, nobody was home. More than two decades ago, the Wayne County Commission approved a regional facility to accept household waste. Nowadays, Broadhurst sports an auto salvage yard and a game-processing facility beside a couple of trailer homes. So was Fred Bennett the photographer. On what other people would big industry dump its poison? After all, coal is simply organic matter, highly compressed, sealed within metamorphic rock for eons. He has the most vast, most comprehensive, most facile brain of anyone I know. You can see him around town, devotee of Aristotle, peripatetic and cogitating. Dump trucks occasionally passed, headed you know where. Do we take the money from companies that want to store coal ash in our towns, even though toxins could wind up in our groundwater? In , cadmium exceeded Georgia drinking-water standards. When a wind rose, pollen dispersed through the air like smoke and left its yellow dust everywhere, marbling the roadsides, dimming the windshield.

Back page macon ga

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06.09.2018 at 10:12 pm

Naturally, having known something so beautiful as the rural South and its people, I find myself a bit lost these days.

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