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Kobbe , encountered heavy resistance from the Filipino forces who gallantly engaged them in a bloody fight on San Rafael Bridge that resulted in the death of Filipinos including Reyes, who used only bolos. It was formed out of five settlements ruled by the Datu of Ponso till the late The settlement was then called "Binanuaan" but often referred to as "Oyangue" by nearby settlers. The urban barangays total 1, hectares 3, acres Drainage[ edit ] The surface drainage pattern of Daraga is largely affected by the water runoff coming from Mayon Volcano coupled with those from other directions.

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The natives of the settlement called the "Oyangue", which also served as the early landmark of the area whereby new settlers looked upon in their wandering. Recent Volcanic, Crystalline Limestone and Psyroclastine Limestone are found near the base of Mayon Volcano mostly in the urban barangays. Another legend is about the story of a maiden named "Pulang Angui" which means "Red Maria" Angui is the nickname for Maria who loved red colors for dress and whose beautiful body, face and red lips became the object of affection by the males to the point of adoration. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He found that each of the five settlements had about inhabitants. The phenomenon is felt all over the country as well. In the year , the town received its pioneer Filipino priest, father Martin Martinez. Albay historians say that there were a number of stories on the origin of the name Libog. A few months later, the seat of the municipal government was transferred to Centro Occidental and still remains up to this day. Pre-Hispanic[ edit ] The area that is now Albay had a thriving civilization before the Spanish arrived. Later when the time came to classify and arrange this settlement to give it a political status as a visita of Binanuahan, now Legazpi Port, the corruption crept in — Libog for Libot. The town was previously named Budiao, Cagsawa, and Locsin. Meanwhile, those who returned to Sawangan established an ermita or chapel dedicated to the Archangel Raphael , whom they adopted as patron saint. Independent Philippines[ edit ] Legazpi became a city for the second time on July 18, , when Daraga and Legazpi were combined to constitute its territory under Republic Act No. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. World War II[ edit ] Japanese bombers from the aircraft carrier Ryujo attack Legazpi, December 12, On December 12, , a few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor , Legazpi was occupied by forces of the Imperial Japanese Army , the purpose of which was to obtain control of local airstrips which could be used as forward bases by fighter aircraft for operations in central Luzon. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Drainage[ edit ] The surface drainage pattern of Daraga is largely affected by the water runoff coming from Mayon Volcano coupled with those from other directions. Still another version is the corrupted form of the word libot which means "round about" or "winding way". Fray de la Magdalena was credited with the founding of Polangui. Similar to many other cities with this climate, temperatures are relatively constant throughout the course of the year, with a mean annual average of In , after the war's conclusion, the Americans split Legazpi into two separate towns, Legazpi and Albay now Old Albay District , which became the provincial capital of Albay. It is bounded on the north and east by Legazpi City , south by Sorsogon particularly the municipality of Pilar , and west by Camalig and Jovellar. Legazpi has noticeably wetter and drier periods of the year.

Albay postal code

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During Spanish regime, a significant highlight is the construction of its parish church which took 10 years to be completed starting in by Fray Alonzo de San Juan and completed in by Fray Juan Bautista Marza.

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