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In addition, we'll talk about what it takes to replace these parts and link you to some videos so you can see the repairs in action. When you have a problem with the ignition switch you have a bunch of other common symptoms and complaints that we get into in the next section. Ignition switches wear from normal use. The problem is the slot allows the key ring or fob to slide and tug on the key. This puts a load on the steering linkage, which may be enough to bind the column lock and ignition switch. If you have no spare key, a lock smith may be able to make you a new key using a key code from the owner's manual or auto maker. On some vehicles, reprogramming the computer may be required so the computer will correctly recognize the smart key or key fob. Some notable recent ignition switch recalls include: If your vehicle has a smart key, the new key will have to be programmed to the computer.

2003 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

If that is not an option, the key cylinder in the ignition switch will have to be replaced along with a new set of keys. If a new key cannot be made from the broken key and you do not have a spare key, you will have to get a new lock cylinder and keys. The airbag can be deactivated by removing its power fuse, or by disconnecting the battery. After many years and miles, the electrical contacts inside the switch may become worn or corroded, resulting in poor or intermittent electrical contact. You should now be able to remove the key from the switch. And read this one on how to fix other intermittent Chevy truck electrical problems. If this happens, the vehicle loses power steering and brake assist, and the airbags are turned off which means they can't deploy if the vehicle hits something. On some applications, the switch must be in a certain position before it is removed or installed so that it will align properly. Lighten your key ring as much as possible. Then you have a battery or battery connection problem. The key has a slot across the top so the key can be attached to a key ring or fob. Therefore, some Chevrolet truck owners complain about a check engine light and transmission problems. The same thing can happen if the smart key or key fob is defective or damaged. This means you rotate the nylon wheel all the way to the down position. Before we jump in let's clarify the difference between an ignition switch and the ignition lock cylinder. Care must be taken to make sure the steering wheel is removed and installed properly so the airbag connections are not damaged, and are reconnected correctly so the airbag will work. Other times, they have issued technical service bulletins that describe ignition switch faults and recommended repairs. This requires deactivating the airbag system and using a steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel. If there's no code or the wrong code , the computer won't energize the fuel pump or start the engine -- and the thief can't steal the car. When these intermittent malfunctions occur, you almost always set a trouble code P Try turning on the headlights. Auto makers make the switches hard to remove to deter auto theft. In addition, when the switch begins to fail they can cause an intermittent no start and even a stalling condition. This is not the end of the world. See the related articles on these subjects for further diagnosis. Chevrolet redesigned the ignition switch for the model year Chevy Silverado, Suburban and Tahoe sport-utility trucks.

2003 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

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2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Ignition Problem Fix

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If you have a spare key, try the spare key in the ignition switch to see if it works. No warning lights or other signs of electrical activity could indicate a dead battery or that the battery cables are loose or corroded.

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